We’re (Almost) Baaaack

Good Morning,

It’s been a long time guys, almost two years since I last posted anything on here.

And longer than that since I actually posted anything on here consistently.

So why am I bringing this back?

I’ve bounced around from sports blog to sports blog and have had to take a hiatus from writing altogether, and have had to take a reprieve from JOX Gameday because of work.  I miss talking about sports, tweeting about it in 140 characters just isn’t enough. It’s why Seahorn and I got together to make the Cover 3 Podcast.

So expect a revival of this site very very soon, the homie Ronnie Harris will be contributing to the music section while I work on the football/sports side. Daniel and I will begin recording weekly episodes of Cover 3 sometime later this summer (I can’t give a definitive date yet, because there are a lot of moving pieces) and once we do, we’ll be able to offer the kind of product we actually wish to push.  I just ask that you guys be patient during the summer months, there will be new content, it’ll just be rather thin. However, once we approach mid-August, we’ll be looking at some consistency!

Thanks for staying loyal guys, here’s to helping build a new base and taking this website to another level!



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