A Special Message

I know I haven’t posted on this site for almost a year.  I’ve been busy with my own personal life and decided to make better use of my time by working with Jordan and company rather than continuing to run my own website while working an extremely busy job, it was next to impossible.

But after the events of the George Zimmerman verdict, the reactions on twitter, the riots that have started to break out and it won’t be long before another life is taken by someone who had no business doing so.

I am a 23, almost 24 year old Black male who was born and raised in the south, born and raised in the southern culture and was also made consistently aware of the history of his family, and the history of his race.  I was always made aware of what my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. went through and how they helped pave a way for me to have the opportunities that I have today.  Through all that, through all the history I was taught, through all the pain and suffering that was described to me, one common theme always remained through those lessons and stories: never let an ounce of hate run through your body.

When you allow hate to run through, you give it the chance to consume, you allow it to dictate every course of action you take.  When you allow hate to prevail, you do something you regret, and that’s what’s happening now.

I understand why the verdict was reached, I know that the Prosecution botched this case horribly and I get that they were basing their case off the hope that the jury would come to a conclusion based on the emotions around the case, based on the story we’ve had built for us for the last year and a half….. They failed.

This means that a man who killed a 17-year old boy walks away free, because the prosecution could not prove in a court of law that he was NOT justified to use self-defense, since we don’t necessarily “know” who started the fight….but you and I both know Zimmerman was wrong. We all know he should have never left his car, we all know that if he really feared for his life, he would have called the police and let them handle THEIR job….but all the ifs in the world cannot bring Trayvon back. All the ifs in the world cannot end the tears and the pain that a mother is feeling because she doesn’t have her son, no matter what the situation was, no matter what the result, she can’t have him back.

Tonight and probably through the course of tomorrow, we’re going to see marches or people who have something to say, they should speak, but we also will hear of people lashing out at any and every person who doesn’t match their skin color because of this ruling. It’s already happening and it isn’t going to make things better.  That feeling you feel inside of you may be anger, it may be despair, disappointment, whatever, but do not react to it, do not give it power, do not go out there and promote a stereotype that has been slapped on you for centuries.

Keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.

Be smart and go teach, preach, and help, and let’s do whatever we can to prevent this catastrophe from happening again.



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