Power Rankings Are For The Weak….Week 7

“Wait, I’m sorry, they were number what in his rankings? Cute”

Well thanks Aaron Rodgers for blowing what little consistency we thought there was in the NFL to shreds.  Not only did everyone’s favorite #1 team get ripped to pieces on national television, the other undefeated team barely squeaked out a win….at home….to a 1-4 team.

But that’s what we love about the NFL, one week we know who’s going to make an unquestioned run at the Lombardi trophy come February, the next week we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to figure out which coach needs to be fired.  We saw RGIII pull off a run that reminded most of us of Vick circa 2001, while Peyton Manning forced the Broncos into one heck of a Monday Night Meltdown.

So where does everyone stack up this week now that the chaos has had a chance to settle?



One thought on “Power Rankings Are For The Weak….Week 7

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