Eagles Fire Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo

In a move many of us thought would be made in the offseason, the Eagles apparently decided to wait until their bye week to fire embattled Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo.  Castillo struggled getting his defense up  to par last season, but honestly, has shown a significant improvement this season.  If it weren’t for the fact that the Eagles blew a 10 point lead with 5 minutes to go, Juan would probably have a job today.

In my opinion, it isn’t fair. The Eagles defense this season is 15th against the pass and the run, the most any team has scored on the Eagles this season is 27 by Arizona, with 7 of those being a defensive touchdown.  If anything, Andy is using Castillo as a scapegoat to mask the fact that his playcalling is atrocious and his QB has constantly turned the ball over, giving opposing offenses MORE chances to score.  If ANYTHING we should be applauding Castillo for the fact that teams haven’t dropped 50 on this defense based on last year’s numbers as well as the fact that Andy Reid keeps putting Michael Vick drop-back situations and he keeps turning the ball over.  The Eagles problem is inept play calling on the offensive side and turnovers, not the defense.

Nice try Andy Reid, but if you’re 8-8 at the end of the season, we’re sure Laurie is going to send you packing as well.




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