Chiefs To Start QB Brady Quinn vs. Bucs

“What’s good?”

Since QB Matt Cassel can’t go this Sunday, the Chiefs are going to turn to former Notre Dame/Browns QB Brady Quinn to get things going against Tampa Bay.  It’s unfortunate that Cassel suffered such a big hit, and it’s even more unfortunate his injury was cheered, but this may be what Kansas City needs.  They need some sort of boost on offense, and Cassel isn’t cutting it, at all.  Romeo Crennel had this defense firing on all cylinders last season, and while he did lose a few players, he still can dial up some serious blitzes and packages to confuse opposing QBs.  The only thing he needs is a consistent offense, and the only thing he has on that side of the ball is Jamaal Charles.  So guess what Quinn’s job is going to be? Extending drives, and keeping his defense off the field, how’s he going to do that? By moving the ball, yes, but by NOT turning the ball over.  If there was one thing Quinn could do, it was score when in the redzone.  In 2009 (his last year as a full-time starter for Cleveland), he did not throw a single interception in the redzone….not ONE.  It’s this kind of production late in drives that Kansas City needs, and who knows, maybe some time on the bench watching gave Quinn just what he needed to succeed.

If Quinn is successful, you can bet Crennell will ride with the hot hand at QB, and when the season is over with, it just may be the end of the Cassel era, as it should be.  I just hate that the end had to come via injury.




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