Week 4 Preview and Picks

3 Biggest Games of Week 4

This week’s set of games are a little bit harder to call: while there are a few, um, interesting matchups, many of them are straightforward or boring.  San Francisco/New York is probably the only game that may not go how many expect it to go, due to the fact that San Francisco is taking another cross country road trip, and are coming off a loss.  Let’s take a further look:

49ers @ Jets, Sunday 1pm ET

The 49ers are coming off a major loss in Minnesota against a team they were supposed to handle, and now, we’ll know what exactly they’re made of.  The Jets need to find a way to maintain momentum and make up for the fact that they lost one of the best all-around players in the league to what may be a season-ending injury.  Alex Smith and the passing game are going to have to step it up if they want to leave New York with a win.  Ponder and company ran the ball well last week and kept San Francisco from opening up their offense like they did the first two weeks, if New York can do the same thing early, they have a shot.

Vikings @ Lions, Sunday, 1pm ET

Raise your hand if you had Minnesota as the second place team in the NFC North at this point in time….what? No? Okay, no one did, but the Vikings have earned their 2-1 start.  Ponder has been outstanding so far this season, completing 70% of his passes, for 713 yards, 4 TDs, and what’s most important: 0 turnovers.  On the other end, the Lions have found themselves getting started late in every game this season….which is no different than how they started last season….except this time around, everyone knows their game (and their defense is worse).  The Lions need to learn how to keep teams from dropping 30 points on them in 3 quarters if they want to stand a chance of repeating their success last season.  The next test for them: stop a red-hot Vikings team that could find themselves on the right side of the NFC playoff picture if these other NFC teams aren’t careful!

Bears @ Cowboys, Monday, 8:30pm

Monday Night’s matchup doesn’t excite off the bat like the last two, however, it’s still a beyond solid matchup nonetheless.  The Cowboys are coming off a rebound win against Tampa Bay last week, while the Bears share a seat atop the NFC North after beating St. Louis last week.  While both teams are sitting at 2-1, neither has had an impressive win, nor a devastating loss.  Dallas lost in Seattle, while Chicago lost against Green Bay two weeks ago on Thursday Night.

Cowboys have an active defensive front, one that will surely pressure Cutler all night.  DeMarcus Ware currently has 4 sacks on the season, while the Bears offensive line has allowed 14 sacks so far this year.  One of the most underwhelming stats that I’ve run across so far this season is the fact that Cutler has a QB rating of 58.6, due to his 52% completion percentage, 642 yards, 3 TD to 6 INTs.  This game is set up to spell disaster for him, and a good outing for Romo, as the only problem he has to watch out for Julius Peppers.

Bye Week: Colts, Steelers

Week 4 Picks:

Craig: BAL, Falcons, Pats, Lions, Texans, Chiefs, 9ers, Sea, Cards, Broncos, Bengals, packers, Bucs, NYG, Cowboys


Dominique: Ravens, Vikings, Falcons, Bills, Chargers, Seahawks, 49ers, Texans, Raiders, Cardinals, Bengals, Packers, Redskins, Giants, Cowboys

McQueen: Ravens, ATL, NE, DET, KC, STL, SF, HOU, CIN, ARI, DEN, GB, WAS, NYG,  DAL







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