Jaguars Fielding Calls For Maurice Jones-Drew

Applaud new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan for sticking to his guns, but the Jaguars could be ready to make the worst move of the century.  Maurice Jones-Drew has been holding out of camp due to his contract, which still has two years left, the Jaguars are unwilling to pay him since they just redid his deal in 2009.  Both sides have a legit argument, but maybe Jones-Drew has a little more ground, seeing as he has generated a vast majority of the offensive yardage and points over the last couple of years, specifically 2012.  Jones-Drew is going to be crucial to Gabbert’s development for at least the next year or two.

While the Jaguars are simply fielding calls and not necessarily pulling the trigger, you’ve got to believe there is a team out there desperate enough for an all-purpose running back that will break the bank for him.  Denver, Seattle, New York (both teams), Arizona, etc. could use another running back, especially a Pro Bowl caliber guy to compliment their main guy, or to become the main man.

This all may be nothing but steam, and we could turn around and see MJD with the Jags week 1 and all of this behind us.  Maybe Jacksonville is making a statement under the new regime, that you prove your play on the field for them and you fulfill your duties, and when the time is right THEN we’ll talk money.  Maybe if you’re a Jaguars fan you see a franchise that is no longer afraid to make bold moves.


Or maybe they trade MJD and it all comes tumbling down. Harder.



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