Injury Report: Vick’s Hand, Garrard’s Knee, Matthew’s Collarbone

Doesn’t matter what happens, some guys just cannot avoid the injury bug, and within the last two days, a few bigger names have found themselves on the injury list.  Michael Vick hurt his throwing hand during the first quarter of the Eagles opener against Pittsburgh.  It didn’t look too serious when the injury actually occurred, and when the Eagles began treating it by dipping his hand in a cup of ice, it was easy to tell nothing was going to be wrong.  The X-Rays came back negative, and Vick will be good to go for Week 2 of the pre-season, where I’m sure his action will be even more limited.

Ryan Mathews broke his clavicle during the very first drive of San Diego’s preseason game vs. Green Bay.  Mathews is out 4-6 weeks, and even more important is the fact that the injuries just keep piling on.  Matthews has suffered numerous leg and lower body injuries since his rookie season, and needs to prove his durability before San Diego decides it’s best to move on.

And last but not least, Dolphins QB David Garrard underwent knee surgery that will put him out for tonight’s game against Tampa Bay, and could put him out for the rest of the pre-season, which has got to be a huge blow to a guy who got screwed out of a 2011 season and is trying to avoid the “injury prone” label.  Matt Moore will start for Garrard tonight, and he and Ryan Tannehill will have the opportunity to unseat Garrard as the starter.



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