Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert Not Impressing Anyone At Camp

The Jaguars don’t seem to be too content with QB Blaine Gabbert’s improvement this offseason, while he’s had his flashes, it seems like he has a while to go.  ESPN’s Paul Kaharsky reports that although he has had some nice moments through camp, it’s still certain he’s going to struggle in 2012.

Now for my personal opinion: Gabbert wasn’t a good selection to begin with, and he was taken way too high.  Del Rio had to flex his muscle one more time, dumped a good starting QB in Garrard for Luke McCown and eventually Gabbert himself, who was just not ready.  In other words, Gabbert’s career got jumpstarted way earlier than it should have been, and now he’s in way over his head.

Good luck Jacksonville, you’re going to need it




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