QB Breakdown: #37 Brandon Weeden

#37. Brandon Weeden


Career Achievements: 2010 All-Big 12 QB, First Team; 2010 Player of the Year Award; 2010 Manning Award Finalist

69.5% completion, 9260 yards, 75 TDs, 27 INTs

Brandon Weeden was drafted late in the 1st round by the Cleveland Browns and was pretty much inserted into the starting role from the word “Go!”.  Weeden will be the next QB in a long list of Browns’ quarterbacks since their return to the NFL, who will try and become the franchise player.

Weeden is 29, shortening his window of opportunity compared to most rookies, but Weeden could have a decent year as a rookie, and here’s why:

One of the simplest positions to transition into from college to the NFL is the running back position.  While blocking schemes are different, talent will translate almost all the time, and with a top-notch former college RB in Trent Richardson taking the reigns in the backfield, Weeden will be relieved of a lot of pressure.  The only problem Weeden will run into other than inexperience at the next level, will be his lack of WRs, in 2011 Greg Little led the team with 709 yards receiving.  Now part of this was the lack of offensive output from Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace, but another part of it was the lack of talent outwide.  As of right now, Greg Little, Massaquoi and Joshua Cribbs are the only threats at WR, they drafted Travis Benjamin (Miami FL) and selected Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.  Can Weeden make great use of a below average receiving core? Or is his lack of NFL experience, combined with a poor supporting cast result in an awful season for the Oklahoma State great?



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