Seahawks Taking A Look at WR Braylon Edwards, Texans To Bring In WR Roy Williams

Former Browns/Jets/49ers WR Braylon Edwards is in need of a job, and Seattle is in desperate need of some receivers.  So in theory, the Seahawks giving Edwards a look makes sense, he’s nowhere near one of the top WRs of the league, but when he’s on his game, he’s a reliable target and he’ll come in handy should Sidney Rice’s injuries remain a problem.  He only caught 15 passes as a 9er, and was a serviceable target for the Jets, but outside of his early days in Cleveland, he hasn’t had too much success.  I wouldn’t expect Seattle to give him anything more than a 1-year deal if they DO decide to sign him.  If it’s a multi-year contract, I doubt there will be a lot, if any, guaranteed money.

In other WR news, former Cowboy Roy Williams is getting a look from another Texas team: The Houston Texans.  Williams faded out quickly in Dallas after being traded from Detroit, his inconsistency and at times poor route running led to headaches for Tony Romo and company.  Will Williams look like the guy who Jerry Jones snagged from Detroit? Or will he look like the player who hasn’t touched a field( for good reason) in at least a year?



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