Texans/Schaub Won’t Negotiate A Contract Until After 2012

QB Matt Schaub will have to wait one more year before he can convince the Texans to sign him to an extension.  Schaub, who has been a Texan since the Falcons traded him over in 2007, has struggled with injuries on and off during his career.  When he’s been healthy, he is easily one of the best QBs in the league, but again, that’s when he’s healthy.

Schaub is entering the final year of the 6-year, 48 million dollar contract he originally signed, he has elevated expectations for the Houston Texans since his arrival, but has fallen short time after time (not all his fault).  He led the Texans before they put together a decent defense, making them a formidable team, but only twice in his five seasons as a Texan has he started all 16 games.

Again, if Schaub stays healthy in 2012, he has nothing to fear.  He’ll make himself some nice money during free agency, whether he decides to stay with Houston or takes his money and runs to another team.  A healthy Schaub makes the Texans the best team in the AFC, an injured one gives them a team that MIGHT make the playoffs, if they’re lucky.



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