New Sections, Some Changes, Requests?

Just thought I would update you all on what’s going on around here, this will be a short, simple post, and I will attempt to take as little of your time as possible:

SML Fantasy Football – First of all, SML will be starting a Fantasy Football league, to sign up, go the Fantasy Football page, and comment at the bottom of the page with your email address

Sports Clip of the Week – Pretty obvious, I will take a sports clip (usually current, sometimes I’ll pull out classics) of memorable or important plays.  Usually followed up with a little comment.

Song of the Week – Also Self-explanatory

March Sadness – We started it as a test run on twitter this previous March, but I think it’s time to expand it. Throughout the year we will have posts and polls about someone who has had a major flop or folly, we will nominate these “losers” to participate in the March Sadness tournament, held from March 1 of every year, until.  It will be a 64-man tournament, and can include ANY kind of pop culture figure.

Hope you all enjoy some of the little extras around here, leave comments below on what you want to see!



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