The Only Problem With The College Football Playoff Format

This will never happen, and probably doesn’t need to

If you haven’t heard, the University Presidents have all approved a playoff system for college football that will abolish the BCS entirely once the 2013 season begins.  The playoffs will consist of four teams, and will pair 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 before branching into the finals.

While it’s nice that college football finally has a playoff, there is one major problem: the top four seeds will not be determined by polls, but by a selection committee.  I’m sure you see the problem here: who are we putting on this committee and how do we limit bias (because it will always exist)?

Why not just keep the BCS, make the formulas TRANSPARENT (so we can see how these numbers are calculated), and at the end of the season put 1-4 in your tournament? Yes, the BCS isn’t perfect, and I’ve never been a fan of it, but I guess most of my anger was always aimed at the fact that the season just ended, there was no wrapup, no culmination to it all, it was a bunch of regular season games and then BOOM championship.  Get more bang for you buck, do something for the schools, and fans, make a quick playoff and have an official ending to it all.

There will always be debates, always. #5 will always argue they were better than #4, and trust me, a situation is going to happen where a larger market or better known team will get in over a smaller school at the 4th seed, because they are X school.  If it comes down to Houston at 12-0 and Florida at 10-2 or 11-1, Florida will get selected over Houston, despite the fact that Houston may have blown out all their competitors, and Florida may have struggled with several teams.  I know strength of schedule factors in, and I understand that, but you don’t think that will cause an uproar if a school “did it right”, won all their games, and got left out?

As far as the semi-finals matchups go, the games will rotate between the four current BCS Bowls (Rose, Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar) and two more that have yet to be determined.  Commissioners want to lock in the new playoff format for 12 years and hope to have a TV deal in place by the fall.



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