Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson Taking 1st Team Snaps in Training Camps

Incumbent Seahawks starting QB Tarvaris Jackson is apparently ahead of the curve against Free Agent pickup Matt Flynn and rookie Russell Wilson.  According to John Clayton of ESPN, Flynn hasn’t really wowed anyone during OTAs, and Pete Carroll is going to wait to pull the trigger on naming the starter.

This has got to be scary if you’re a Seahawks fan, Jackson played through injuries last year and still was a little sub-par at times.  His decision making is still questionable under pressure, but he managed to throw for over 3000 yards with 14 TDs and 13 INTs.  The Seahawks paid good money for Matt Flynn (based on two really good performances) and it would look like a giant waste to see him holding the clipboard behind Jackson, or, even worse, Wilson.

It is early to tell, and one thing is for sure: Pete Carroll will pick who he thinks will do the best job, remember, there was a lot of hoopla made over the trade for Charlie Whitehurst last season and the only time he got was during Jackson’s pectoral injury.

The Seahawks also don’t have any depth at receiver, outside of Sidney Rice, who is usually injury prone.  So if Matt Flynn can’t beat out Tarvaris at QB, do they have the franchise QB they thought they were signing? Someone who can make the best use of this offensive cast?



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