Dolphins QB Garrard Impressive at OTAs

Recently signed QB David Garrard has been impressing teammates during his OTA workouts with Miami.  Garrard is competing against Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill to be the Dolphins starting QB come week 1.  Even though the efforts are mostly in vain, the rest of the Dolphins are not up to par and the team is likely to struggle, making way for Tannehill by mid-season whether Moore/Garrard are doing just fine or whether Tannehill is ready or not.

Head Coach Joe Philbin has cited Garrard’s command of the offense as one of his strong points, but we all know that even if Garrard comes in with initial success, he’s not a franchise guy.  He is entering his 10th year in the NFL, so it’s pretty obvious to note that he won’t be playing for much longer, but maybe his presence will help the Dolphins QB all-around, as Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano noted: “He’s a Pro Bowl quarterback, and he’s great for our competition. However it plays itself out at the quarterback position, I think he’s going to be a real asset for our team”.

QB Matt Moore finished the season 6-3 as the Dolphins starter and showed that he had the ability to be an NFL starter, at least with the right guys around him and a little more experience.



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