Useless Commentary: Bandwagon Fans

Ayo, I’ve been seeing a LOT of this lately, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since it is playoff time, but I felt the need to address it because the use of the term is getting out of hand.

First and foremost, let me lay this little bit of groundwork down for y’all: 90% of all fans are in a way, bandwagon fans….basically, the origin of your fandom is more than likely through some sort of bandwagon means.  I’ll use myself as an example: I started following the Falcons late in 98 during their Super Bowl run, I was living in ATL and was all of 9 years old, the city was hyped at the fact that the Falcons could go all the way.  Even after the loss, people became huge Falcons fans suddenly, myself included, but I didn’t become a MAJOR/dyed in the wool/bleeding red and black Falcons fan until Vick was drafted in 2001.  I’ve been a fan ever since, even afterward.

Yes, I’ve been a Falcons fan for 10+ years, but the origin of my fandom was still conducted by a Cadillac Bandwagon situated on 26” rims built on the foundation of hopes and dreams.  If you look at your own story, and you weren’t raised into being a fan, you rode on a bandwagon at some point before hopping off and staying put in your town of choice.

So what is the concern and why are people all in a ruckus over “bandwagoners”?  Well, there is really only ONE type of annoying bandwagon fan, and Weezy/Wayne/King Jeggins himself demonstrated exactly who or what that is earlier today:

Or I should say, ONE of the more annoying “bandwagon fans”, Wayne has reportedly declared himself a Heat fan as well as a Lakers fan, dude is confused.  But the other type of annoying bandwagoner is the one who hops on board while a team is at its peak (as a bandwagoner does) but then acts as if they’re a life-long fan of said team and points fingers at other bandwagoners….yes, it happens, and all to often.  It’s like picking up a Martha Stewart cookbook, declaring yourself a professional chef, and then telling whoever gets cut from Chopped they’re nothing but a scrub amateur.

So, let’s pullback a little bit on the bandwagon accusations, examine your own fandom and determine whether or not you were a bandwagon fan to begin with…and if you were, give them the benefit of the doubt, and if it turns out that you’ve only been a Heat fan since 2010, or a Packers fan since 2010, kindly take the next seat available, and shut up.



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