Buccaneers Sign TE Dallas Clark, Trade Kellen Winslow II to Seattle

Here’s a bit of news you may or may not have heard.  The Buccaneers have signed former Colts TE Dallas Clark aka “I’m always open no matter what bro, just throw it here” and sent disgruntled TE Kellen Winslow II to Seattle in exchange for a conditional draft pick in the 2013 draft.  Winslow will replace John Carlson in at the TE position in Seattle (he left for Minnesota this free agency period) which will prove as an upgrade for whoever starts out of the QB battle between Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson and probably Pete Carroll himself (don’t be fooled, Flynn will win this job because of that fat check).  Clark will add a nice solid target for Josh Freeman that will always be open, I’m not 100% sure of his blocking abilities as truthfully I never paid attention to them, but it will add some veteran presence to a young offense.



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