Falcons To Acquire CB Asante Samuel

The Eagles have been on the verge of trading CB Asante Samuel for the better half of a year now, ever since they acquired Nnamdi Asomougha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie last “offseason”, Samuel has been pushed to Nickel Packages and only showing up in pass-defending situations.

Now here come the Falcons, who are in desperate need of secondary help (particularly at safety), just locked up CB Brent Grimes to a long term deal and still have Robinson (who has four years remaining in his contract).

With Dunta Robinson’s contract recently restructured for him to take a pay cut, one could assume that Samuel will take his position, or that they’ll take on some sort of rotation, who knows.  Regardless, this adds depth to a secondary that had nothing outside of an emerging CB in Grimes, and an overrated one in Robinson.

The deal isn’t 100% complete yet, but according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it will be done soon and for a late-round pick.



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