Shortlist for Vacant Arkansas HC Position

“Sources” (no Chris Boussard) say that Arkansas has already scoped out a potential new HC, the buzz around Arkansas is that the shortlist for possible replacement candidates include:

Former UNC and Cleveland Browns head coach Butch Davis (now a consultant for the Buccaneers)

Current Arkansas State Head Coach Gus Malzahan

and a darkhorse candidate that a few have talked about would be Tommy Bowden.  You’ve got to believe that Arkansas is close to making their decision, which would explain why it took a while before they decided to fire Petrino.  The powers that be have a backup plan in place and probably already have the papers lined up and ready to be signed for the next Head Coach.  So expect an out of nowhere announcement about their next head coach, just like the out of nowhere announcement that came along with the hiring of Petrino 4-5 years ago.

PS Apparently UAB Head Coach Garrick McGee is NOT on Arkansas radar.


2 thoughts on “Shortlist for Vacant Arkansas HC Position

  1. Check the post date. This was before it was announced that McGee was the leading candidate. Also noted that he would probably be contacted on the post about Petrino being fired.


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