Jets Trade QB Drew Stanton to the Colts

The Jets have traded QB Drew Stanton just two days after acquiring former Bronco Tim Tebow.  Stanton was reportedly upset because the Jets informed him that they would not sign another QB and he would have the chance to backup Mark Sanchez.

The Jets have agreed to send Stanton to the Indianapolis Colts for compensation that they have yet to announce.  Stanton has a one-year deal worth $1.25 million, the Colts will now take on this deal and Stanton will join Dan Orlovsky as the only two quarterbacks on the roster….of course they’ll both be joined by Andrew Luck next month.

I understand Stanton wants a legitimate chance to start, but what has he really proved? He hasn’t had much playing time, and as of right now, there are at least 32 QBs better than him in the league, and if he’s going to demand a trade, don’t you think it’s best to push for a trade where you’re the clear #2? Oakland, Buffalo and Kansas City come to mind as destinations on that front.

Useless complaints by Stanton, but hey, speak up or find yourself as the #4 with no real job security come August.



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