QB David Garrard Signs With Miami

The Dolphins have signed former Jaguars QB David Garrard after missing out on the Manning and Flynn sweepstakes and failing to reach a deal with Alex Smith.  Garrard was released from Jacksonville just one week before the season opener, Miami tried to sign him after Henne went down for the year but failed to since the two sides couldn’t reach a deal.  It was later revealed that Garrard needed surgery (info that was withheld from him by Jacksonville) and he ended taking 2011 off to recover.

Garrard will enter the season in heavy competition with Matt Moore, who performed very well during his stint as starter last year, especially late in the season.  It’s a shame that Miami signed a QB just to sign a QB even though they had one ready for a second chance. That being said, Garrard is an underrated talent as far as QBs are concerned, he remained consistently solid during his tenure as the Jaguars leading QB, even beforehand when he had to fill in for injury-riddled QB Byron Leftwich.

Garrard has a career completion percentage of 61.6%, he’s thrown for 16,003 yards, 106 TDs (89 passing, 17 rushing) and 54 INTs (has never thrown more than 15 INTs in one season), however he only has two full seasons (of 16 starts) under his belt.



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