Carolina Panthers Sign RB Mike Tolbert

If there’s one thing San Diego churns out, it’s free agent running backs, and yet another one has cashed in this free agency go-round.  The Carolina Panthers were the last place anyone really expected Tolbert to land, but obviously they’ve got a plan for the guy after signing him to a 4-year deal worth an undisclosed amount.  The most surprising thing about it is the fact that the Panthers offered $1M LESS than the Chargers did to retain him, add to that the fact that Carolina has two very good running backs in Stewart and Williams and you have a competitive backfield.  How does this fit into a team with one of the most dynamic QBs in the NFL (Cam Newton)?

I’ve seen it pointed out on (member StarKiller501):

If they were gonna trade a RB, they’d follow Panthers RB protocol, and trade DeAngello Williams. They had Stephen Davis, he mentored DeShaun Foster, let Davis go, Foster mentored Williams, they let Foster go. Now, Willams has been mentoring Stewart, for 4-5 years.

Pretty good point, I really can’t see all 3 RBs fitting in here, so my best guess is that Williams is going to be on the trading block pretty soon.



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