49ers Emerge in Peyton Sweepstakes, Be Afraid

And now things just got real, the San Francisco 49ers have emerged as another team in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.  This comes after the Titans have put forth a “lifetime” contract, and the Broncos have offered a 5-year, $60M for the future hall of famer.  The 9ers have already made a big splash in signing WR Randy Moss and keeping their 2011 defense pretty much intact, the addition of Manning would make them instant Super Bowl contenders….as long as they can stay healthy and they can retain a decent backup (say Alex Smith) just in case.

Now keep in mind Peyton and Alex Smith have the same agent, and that could put another spin on this.  Remember how Smith and the 49ers have been back and forth on a new deal, 49ers want to give 3, Smith wants 5.  More than likely Smith wants 5-years simply because he wants 5-years, but there’s also the possibility that Smith knew the Niners would be interested in Peyton and that he may have known Peyton would listen.

I don’t know, all sorts of theories and scenarios are out there, but all I can say is that if Peyton goes to the Niners, they are simply the most dangerous team in the league….as long as Randy acts right.  It just depends on what they have to offer and what Manning is actually after, and I don’t think it’s money…how interesting would it be if the guy coaching Peyton Manning next season is the same man that was his predecessor in Indianapolis?

Manning has notified the Dolphins they are out of the running, and rumors are swirling the Cardinals are out as well, so it’s down to Denver, Tennessee and San Francisco.


4 thoughts on “49ers Emerge in Peyton Sweepstakes, Be Afraid

    • What about that play where the Colts receiver ran into an Eagles neeeddfr who was staying in one spot, but the refs called it on the neeeddfr? Seems to me that this one deserves its own entry as a bad call.Or the Colts punter who left his feet of his own volition and landed on a fallen neeeddfr, drawing a roughing the kicker call? This one is more borderline, but still…Or the call of unsportsmanlike conduct against the Eagles when a Colt was yelling out signals?Or the face mask foul committed by a Colt which wasn’t called?Lots of bad calls in this game. (And far too many calls against the Eagles which they did deserve. Stupid Eagles.)

  1. I wouldn’t be so sure, Smith has had one-year of actual success, it was a nice season, but I don’t think he’s going to get an outright starting job handed to him. You have to think about two QBs who are still out there: Matt Flynn and David Garrard, they’re going to get calls over Smith. There aren’t too many teams with bad/mediocre QBs who are ready to give someone else a shot. Only Seattle (with Jackson), KC (with Cassel) and Miami (Moore) have QB situations where they may look to bring someone else in to push the incumbent or don’t have draft plans. Unless I’m missing somebody.

  2. I think those Ginn numbers are a bit dliieamsng sure he had 108 yards receiving he could’ve had two touchdowns, too. Even though he had 11 catches, until he becomes more sure-handed during the pivotal points in the game (endzone), he’ll never be able to take his game to the next level.


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