Free Agency QB Update: Campbell to Bears, Henne Visiting SEA and JAX

Smart move by the Bears, surprising move by Campbell’s camp, but still a good move nonetheless.  The Bears need a backup to avoid the fiasco they faced this previous season, after Cutler went down, the Bears faltered under the play of Caleb Hanie and Josh McCown (well, not really under Josh, but it was too late).  Campbell is out to prove that he’s healthy and can start again after breaking his collarbone in Oakland.  I am surprised that Campbell didn’t wait until things cleared up by the two FA QB frontrunners before seeing who was still available (Chiefs, Jaguars, Seahawks come to mind), but he took the money that came and found himself a home before it was too late.

It’s doubtful that Cutler will struggle bad enough for it to happen, but now he finally has a veteran behind him that could push him to do better and push for that starting job. It’s only a one-year deal.

Former Dolphin QB Chad Henne is a free agent as well, and although he got an initial call from the Jets about coming in as a backup for Sanchez, Henne will be visiting Seattle and Jacksonville within the coming days.  Henne is going to be a backup, I think that’s certain, outside of Flynn and Manning, all the QBs in this upcoming FA class will either be backups, or competing to start (it’s not very strong).  If I’m Henne, I make my way toward Seattle due to the fact that they actually have weapons at WR as well as RB, he can challenge Tarvaris for that starting job as well.  In Jacksonville you may be told you have a chance to start, but we all know that Gabbert is the man in Jacksonville because of all the money that was put into hi.



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