Cortland Finnegan Signs With Rams, Rogers Re-Signs With 49ers

Coach Jeff Fisher and Cortland Finnegan are together again, as the Rams have signed the former Titans DB to a 5-year contract worth $50 million.  Finnegan bolsters a St. Louis secondary that ranked 7th in the league in passing yards allowed, he also was 10th among all league corners in terms of tackles.  Finnegan is an aggressive DB that has gotten into his number of bouts on the field, but he’s still a guy who knows what he’s doing on the field and knows how to irk the opposing WRs.  He’s the perfect fit for a guy like Gregg Williams.

In other news the 49ers re-signed a vital part of their 2011 NFC Championship run, Carlos Rogers will return to the team after signing a four year, $31.3 million contract.  Keeping Rogers was crucial to the Niners defense staying in form and their hopes of one-upping their big run last season.



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