49ers, QB Alex Smith Years Apart On New Deal, Could Go After Josh Johnson?

Alex Smith could be the next big QB in the FA Market if he and the San Francisco 49ers can’t come to a deal.  Smith and the 49ers are apparently years apart on their contract ideas, Smith wants 5 years, the Niners only want to give 3.

But that’s not the interesting part of this whole situation, the 49ers are apparently ready to go after Buccaneers QB Josh Johnson if they can’t reach a deal with Smith.

I know, not what many of us were expecting, but the Niners DID make a push for Johnson last offseason when they had their doubts about Smith and Kapernick, as he would fit well into Jim Harbaugh’s scheme.  A question I would like to ask is what happens if the Niners and Smith don’t reach a deal? Where does Smith rank among all these FA QBs? We know Peyton Manning is first, then you have Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton, David Garrard, Matt Flynn, Donovan McNabb, and Rex Grossman, where does he fit in there and who does he sign with?

Most of these available free agent QBs are going to compete to start, none of them have the merits to usurp a current starter whether that’s due to experience or money.




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