Saints Slap Franchise Tag on Brees, QB Reportedly “Livid”

I’d imagine a “livid” Drew Brees is somewhere along the line of “mildly upset Tony Dungy”, as the guy is probably more disappointed than angry that a long-term deal was not reached.  The tag gives Brees 15 million for the upcoming season, but does not give him anything guaranteed beyond 2012.  There’s almost no doubt that Brees deserves Manning and Brady money, not because of the records or the Super Bowl MVP credit, but because he revived an entire city and its franchise.  I know football doesn’t have the “power” to heal all things, but you have to admit that the Saints almost immediate success after Katrina helped lift the spirits of the people and helped pump some money into the local economy due to all the out-of-town visitors.  Brees was responsible for a good amount of this, and there’s no doubting that, and from what’s been leaked, the Saints were prepared to pay just that, which makes you wonder how much Brees was asking for.  Either way, his side is claiming that he will not sign the contract.

Well worry not, it seems as if Brees doesn’t like the idea of a back-loaded contract (and you can’t blame him) and would like the majority of the money up front.  Brees turned 33 two months ago, so while he’s got a good 4-5 years left in him, he’s not going to be playing at the same high rate at 38 as he is at 33, and he knows that, he knows that makes him expendable making that kind of money and not “earning” it down the line.  He knows the league is “what have you done for me lately” and would rather take a majority of that cash upfront and receive less later instead of the other way around.

The two sides have until July 15 to reach an agreement, from there Brees can either sign the franchise tag, or holdout.  While we don’t know EVERYTHING about Brees we know that he isn’t willing to miss a year and will take the $15 million while waiting until the offseason of 2013 to either sign a long-term deal or walk.

I personally expect Brees to be the Saints QB until he hangs his cleats up, a few years down the line.



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