Etymology and Discussion: Stans

This is something that has been relevant ever since people could become fans of something, and in the past, we labeled them as “overzealous” or “diehard”, but sometime around 2000, we were able to create a simple, yet perfect definition for these type of people.  We were able to call them, “stans”

Stan – a fan of someone or something who would go as far as to harm themselves or others in defense of whatever their affection is.


Stans will go to any point necessary to defend their beloved artists good name, even if someone remotely disagrees with anything their beloved artist has ever done.  Now, you may be thinking “Ryan, people have known of the word ‘stan’ for quite some time now, as a matter of fact, it’s old, why are you going on about this?’, because my friend, I realized that it’s still alive and well to this day, even with these new artists.

This all came to a head earlier today while seeing Jill Scott’s tweets come across my timeline:

Innocent tweets correct? I mean she’s merely stating her opinion, which is what a decent amount of people thought about the Minaj performance, it was over the top and overall lackluster.  Well, of course the Nicki Minaj stans took offense to anyone not in 100% support of their beloved queen and quickly started attacking Jill, situation got funny because Jill shut every single attempt down, but by far the funniest was this one (in response to someone asking if she even attended the Grammys):

But that’s just one example of how these things can get so out of hand.  You see it all over twitter, trending topics that are down right stalkerish when it comes to celebrities, Beliebers, Little Monsters, #TeamMinaj, #TeamBreezy, #TeamBey, #TeamJonas, etc., etc., I understand that for the most part these are little teenagers who “identify” with their music (most of us went through it at one point, we just didn’t have social media), but what about the people who are in their early to late 20s chanting this? People my age who are running around here calling themselves X Minaj, or #TeamBreezy.

It’s fine to be a fan of someone, that’s how these artists get recognition, fame, and eventually the big $$, but when you’re going to such great lengths where you’re contemplating suicide because someone is making fun of your fanhood, you have a serious problem.  Going as far as to ridicule someone because they didn’t like Nicki Minaj’s performance is absolutely asinine, to try and belittle another artist who has been successful in her own right makes it obvious that you’re just a kid looking to pick a fight because someone disagrees with you.

Maybe I’m just overreacting to what I’m seeing, but it’s not a good look, I don’t recall this much over-the-top, borderline worship of an artist by anyone when I was growing up, and while I knew girls that were die-hard Destiny’s Child fans, they were never fighting over it.

But maybe that’s because I grew up in a different time…..and it’s not like it was that long ago.

I just wish these kids would invest themselves in their futures instead of in an artist’s music

What do you think?



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