Monday Night Football Moving to 2-Man Booth

Good and good.  Ron Jaworski has signed a 5-year contract extension with ESPN, but will be moving outside of the Monday Night Football booth, leaving Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden to handle the play-by-play and color analyst duties.

There are very few 3-man teams that work in broadcasting, they have to have a good rapport with each other and have to have been working together long enough to not talk over each other.  While Jaws and Gruden are both great in their own right, they’re two sides of the same coin: both former QBs, except one has been a head coach, both big egos, which does not work out for broadcasting.  You cannot have two big egos in the booth because they’re trying to outshine each other, and the broadcast and play-calling compliment the game, they’re not supposed to be a side-show/side-attraction.  You could tell Jaws/Gruden constantly had to out-do each other, so it was in ESPN’s best interest to make it worth Jaw’s time to make him step out.  Jaws will join the guys in studio, though it’s not known in what capacity, is he replacing one of the guys at the table with Boomer? Will he join Suzy and Parcells? It will be interesting to see where he fits in an already ridiculously sized crowd.

As for the booth? Expect better from them. Tirico has done a great job with play-by-play, and now that Gruden is the sole color analyst, conversation can flow easier and not take over the game.



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