Randy Moss To Make A Comeback?

In a bit of a shocking development, recently retired Future Hall of Fame WR Randy Moss has announced that he is coming OUT of retirement to play football in 2012.  Moss announced on USTREAM.TV that he “just wants to get on a team and go play some football”, and that his more recent retirement was due to family issues more than anything.

Regardless, the man responsible for the term “MOSS’D” is now making a comeback, and while he doesn’t have the same step he had 10 years ago, he still could come in handy for a few teams needing some kind of threat.  Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Washington, Tampa Bay, even his old dwellings in New England come to mind (hasn’t it been obvious they’re missing a vertical threat).  While he’s not coming in to be anyone’s #1 WR, he’ll be just fine as a #2 or, dare I say it, even a slot WR.


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