Colts HC Pagano’s Hires Offensive and Defensive Coordinator

Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano has now made his hire for Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, and both are products of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator for the Steelers since 2007, will move to take the same position with the Colts , while Keith Butler, who was the Linebacker’s coach for Pittsburgh and served in various assistant positions since 2003 will become the Defensive Coordinator.
Interesting hire by Pagano who’s been a Ravens assistant since 2008, Arians brought in a high-octane offense that wasn’t usually Pittsburgh’s style.  We know that the Colts are GOING to go after Andrew Luck, and it’s pretty much common thought that Manning is gone, so apparently the Colts believe that Luck is capable of running the offense that has gotten the Steelers 1 ring and 2 Super Bowl Appearances? (Well, okay, their defense helped…and that may be somewhat of an understatement).



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