Buccaneers to Hire Greg Schiano as New Head Coach

While nothing is 100% confirmed or in place, word is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are about to close the coaching carousel and make their hire.  Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano is rumored to be the next man up for Tampa Bay, another shocking hire after it was almost certain a few days ago that former Packers and Texas A&M Head Coach Mike Sherman would be the man rocking the pewter.

Schiano served as a Defensive Assistant and DB’s Coach for the Chicago Bears (96-98) and as the Defensive Coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes before becoming the Rutgers Head Coach in 2001.  It will be Schiano’s first NFL Head Coaching gig, as he is the latest rookie head coach hired this offseason (Philbin in Miami, Allen in Oakland, Pagano in Indianapolis) and the only one coming straight out of the college rankings.

How will Schiano fair in Tampa? Especially in a division like the NFC South where two teams are established and the third one is on one heck of an upswing.



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