Colts To Name Chuck Pagano Head Coach

Two days, two out-of-nowhere hires in a row, when the lists were presented of “big name candidates”, I don’t think many people counted on Chuck Pagano being one of them.  But here he is, ready to become the next Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.  Pagano turned in his letter of resignation to the Baltimore Ravens earlier today, this news coming from the twitter account of NFL Insider Jason LaConfora.

Pagano is 51 years old and has been a Ravens staff member since 2008, serving as the Secondary Coach from 2008 to 2010 and the Defensive Coordinator for this last season.  In a time of change in Indianapolis it’s definitely interesting to see a not-so-big name get such a big position and it only makes the magnifying glass on the Peyton situation even larger.

Bringing in a defensive minded coach means that they’re more than likely prepared to retool the defense and make it fit for a *cough* younger QB.  Not saying that Peyton is gone just yet, but we know they’re going after Luck and it would make sense to bring in a coach that’s going to build a team to help him out.

What do you think of the hire? Good or bad? What do you think of Peyton’s future? (More on that later).



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