Recruit Yuri Wright Expelled over Tweets

Oh boy.  Heavily recruited DB that’s ranked 40th in the ESPN-150 has been expelled by his school for some “explicit tweets”, something that kind of disturbs me.

Listen, I know that when you have any kind of social media account, you have to understand that it can be viewed publicly (should you choose) and that you must accept the backlash and responses that come with it.  However, I don’t believe that you should  be able to pick at a kid for what he tweets, IF HE’S AT HOME.  Now, in this case, as you could determine from his tweets, a few of them MAY have been on school ground.

Twitter Screen Caps Courtesty:

As you can see there are several things wrong with these tweets: a) AN ORGASM, not “a organism”, and maybe it’s a little explicit for a high schooler, but I’m not going to sit up here and act like I didn’t use vulgar language in HS….and don’t have a little trouble with it now.  So I can’t personally condone this expulsion, I think it’s too far, I know it’s a private school but he still has his own life and right outside of his school.  The school should not be monitoring a kid’s tweets outside of school, and if they’re doing this to him, are they doing this to anyone else from the school whether they are a child or a staff member? If not, I think the case if over, let him back in, if you are, well then continue on my friends.




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