#GTFOH Dre Kirkpatrick

Mr. Kirkpatrick, its time for you to get up outta here…

Dre Kirkpatrick, along with his former Alabama Crimson Tide teammate and fellow dumbass Chris Rogers, were arrested this past Tuesday morning and charged with marijuana possession. USA Today reported that Kirkpatrick was in the passenger seat of a car being driven by Rogers and they were pulled over because Rogers was on the wrong side of the road. I believe every bit of it. Only a dumbass like Chris Rogers could pull this off. I don’t “know him”, but I’ve seen them around and I know enough to know that either one is not that bright.

They were both released on bonds on $120.

Of course, Kirkpatrick entered the draft just last week, a few days after the national championship win. He was voted a 2nd team All-American by the Associated Press, and is projected by most to be 1st round draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Now despite his dumbassness, he shouldn’t fall out of the first round because he is a playmaker. I’ve never been high on him because he really isn’t that great of a cover corner. Really, he can’t tackle either. But he always finds a way to make a big play. Sort of, a dreaded up goony Deangelo Hall, if you will.

Most of us knew Dre had the “character issues” or “red flags”. He didn’t need the weed possession charges on his record for us to know that. People ride around with weed all the time. But not too many people are dumb to ride around in a car driven by Chris Rogers… and you expect stay out of trouble in the NFL???

#GTFOH Dre Kirkpatrick



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