Got a question…

Question: I’m tired of trying and starting not to care. Do nice guys really always finish last?

Answer:  Maybe as a “nice guy” you are giving more than is being invested in you in return. You simply have to qualify the people in your life for what you have to give of yourself.  Those special things about you aren’t meant to go to everyone or just any one.  Also as a “nice guy” be sure you aren’t romanticizing situations to be what you’d like them to be versus what they really are (i.e. just because you want a girlfriend doesn’t mean every girl that interacts with you is willing to be your girlfriend).



4 thoughts on “Got a question…

  1. I read the heartfelt post you wrote on the subject. And much like the “Friend Zone” post here, we both agree it is selfish and unfair. But there’s another side too. Sometimes people feed more into how they want things to be rather than how they really are. Ever had that dude that no matter how much you tried to reiterate to him that you are just friends he pushes to be more and does things as if he is more? That’s an example of the other side.

    Thank you so much for your input. I can’t wait see what you think about the next topic!!

  2. Great post, iWrite! This can go for the “nice girls” as well. It’s hard to not give too much of yourself when you like the guy, but it’s a great lesson to learn and practice.

    Like Asiyah above, I will not scheme and manipulate just to compete for a man who is CAH-LEAR-LY not worth it…and men who prefer women to compete for them aren’t worth my time or energy. And I won’t make you compete for me. If I like you, I like you, and no other man will be able to turn my head. I’m just about to the point of throwing up my hands and becoming a spinster! I won’t be the cat lady though! LOL! I’ll just be a fly-ass 40-year-old spinster enjoying my life and friends…living vicariously through them and their romantic experiences. =D

  3. Show ya’ right!!!! (Barry White voice) LOL

    Thanks, did you catch our “Releasing HER Freak” post?


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