The “best player in the NBA” has got to get up outta here today.

When have you ever seen a player with this kind of talent, who disappeared in clutch situations and got passive when it was time to win the game???

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are pieces that don’t fit together on the same team in the first place, so that is where these problems are starting (but they’re trying to make it work, that’s old news). LeBron James’ outside game has never been good enough to become a clutch outside player. Dwyane Wade is on the other hand, and he should be the one with the ball in his hands down the stretch. Wade is a dominant player (a top 5 player in this league), and I think people forgot that, and made Miami “LeBron’s Team” as soon as he got there. This is Dwyane Wade’s team. He’s won a title there. LeBron hasn’t won anything since high school.

As a matter of fact, his clutch game has regressed in the last couple of years. It used to be that LeBron wouldn’t come through for the team in late game situations. Now, it seems as if he doesn’t even want any parts of the game during clutch time. He gets passive, and almost afraid of the moment. For example I watched the Heat play against the Golden State Warriors, maybe a week ago now. Heat down 1, with the ball, and of course LeBron is isolated at the top of the key. He does the only thing he can really do, which is take his man to the rim (and he get to the rim, on anybody in the league). But when 2 more defenders collapsed on him, he wanted no parts of getting a shot up, got passive and left it off to D-Wade, in a bad position where he cant get a good shot up himself, which the main reason why Wade’s clutch numbers are down.

Bron straight DISAPPEARED on us in the 4th, not just missing shots, he only attempted TWO SHOTS in the 4th quarter of this game.

*** just went back and switched all the “Dwaynes” to “Dwyane”… forgot his mom spelled it wrong… ***

Now Kobe Bryant on the other hand…
(who was voted the 7th best player is the league in a ESPN poll last week, and hasn’t NOT scored at least since he found out about it)

Kobe is going to take the last shot. Regardless of the situation. Double team. Triple team. 35 feet away. Falling out of bounds. Injured. This is because he has the “killer instinct”, that Jordan, Bird, Magic, Isiah, and Reggie (and more) had, and that LeBron may never have. Kobe has the outside game to hit the majority of the last shots as well… (I’ll still take Kobe, in the 4th at least)

LeBron’s jump shot is 3 times as good as it was when he came into the league but ehhhh… it’s still not where it should be…

You’re the “best player in the league” and you only get TWO shots up in the fourth quarter…




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