Unkeeping the Unkept.

Stop keeping people in your life that don’t need to be kept. There is nothing beneficial, only detrimental, about keeping the unkept.  The most kept of the unkept are hard to unkeep, due to a pressured obligation that you feel to keep them because of the length of time that you’ve known them, the amount of love that you’ve shown them, or you simply fear that one day you may need them. That alone, is not reason enough to stay kept.  Despite the fact you have thought about unkeeping them and they have showed you many times on several occasions why they shouldn’t be kept, you still haven’t quite found the courage to unkeep the most kept of the unkept.

The people that you believe are good TO you, may not be the best people FOR you. When your drive and motivation begins to exceed and excel and their focus and determination decreases and derails, it’s time to unkeep the unkept.  Do not feel bad for unkeeping the unkept, for you have given them more than enough time to get on board or get left. It’s time to unkeep the unkept.

Careful. The most kept of the unkept, specializes in ways to continue to get kept, while making you believe you most certainly should NOT unkeep them. Not everyone needs to be unkept, but if you have once thought about unkeeping them, then there’s a reason(s) why you felt they no longer needed to be kept.  Listen to yourself. Stop keeping the unkept.

Stop keeping people in your  life that don’t DESERVE to be kept. You’re cheating yourself and slowing your success, by keeping the unkept. It’s time to unkeep the unkept.

Unkeeping the unkept is something you can do by yourself, without the help of anyone else, because you are the person who decides in your life who gets kept and unkept. If someone tries to stop you from unkeeping the unkept, and they never gave you a reason before then to unkeep them, then that is reason enough to not keep them. It’s time to unkeep the unkept.




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