Alabama Crimson Tide Shutsout LSU to Win National Title

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide, who shutout the LSU Tigers 21-0 off of 5 field goals and a late 34-yard Trent Richardson.  The defense was absolutely dominating and held the LSU Tigers to just 92 yards of total offense and stumped Jordan Jefferson as the Tigers only made it passed midfield ONCE the entire game.

The much maligned Jeremy Shelly was 5/7 kicking, accounting for the 1st 15 points of the game, as the LSU defense did hold Alabama as long as they could.

But it was futile.

McCarron came out firing and McElwain and company decided to knock LSU off their initial gameplan.  McCarron certainly grew up tonight, firing on all cylinders in what was certainly his coming out party.  He was 22-34 for 234 yards and no turnovers, and drove Alabama up and down the field into the redzone, seemingly at will.

While many still call for a college football playoff, especially since Alabama didn’t even win their conference championship, I think that talk should wait for another day.  Because tonight, the Alabama Crimson Tide gave the Tigers a beating, and they should be rewarded with the Crystal Trophy.



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