Why Some People Need Their Sports Fan License Revoked

Okay, so I know that we don’t have to show “sports licenses” when we attend games or to prove our fan credibility, but stories like this just bother me.

If you haven’t heard about the Marine and Off-duty Cop that were beaten down after the NHL Winter Classic, you read find it here.  It’s really sickening and ridiculous, and it doesn’t matter if the victim is a Marine, Officer of the Law, or a local butcher, it’s disgusting and uncalled for in sports, or anywhere.  Apparently after the game two Philadelphia Flyers fans paid a homeless man to spray cleaning product in the face of the two men, and then proceeded to pick a fight with them.  The video was posted on the SB Nation Facebook page, and the attacker actually commented on it. BOASTING.  After a few people put him in his place, he retracted the statement, I would hope that law enforcement took it into their own hands to find this piece of crap and arrest him.


Listen, I’m the biggest Falcon fanatic, I’m a huge fan of football, but I will never fight anyone over something so trivial and ridiculous.  At the end of the day what is the outcome? If your team wins the Super Bowl, they win the Super Bowl, you have bragging rights and they parade around their rings and get back to work in a few months.  If they don’t make the playoffs? You get ragged on by your friends who are fans of playoff teams until the postseason is over.

In short, it doesn’t really matter outside of entertainment.  People go to sports to be entertained, the minute that you take it into your own hands to be anything outside the realm of entertainment (and yes, that includes any and all jobs in that field), you’ve taken it too far.  The minute you intend to cause harm to another human being simply because you don’t like their team or their team beat yours, you should have your fan license revoked.  You should be banned from any and all venues and all social contact, and quite frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself as you are the lowest of the low and have proved that you are nothing more than a scumbag who takes things WAY too seriously.

You have no friends and your life is a miserable lie if you take part in crap like this.

That is all.

Edit: You know what? I like SB Nation now, especially after this article following up the incident:




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