Brady Quinn Reportedly Taking 1st Team Snaps for Broncos

According to ProFootballTalk, Brady Quinn is getting half the first team reps at the Broncos practice.  I don’t know if this is incentive to get under Tebow’s skin and get his passing game up to skill, or if Denver will be breaking out the old two-QB system…or, crazy still sitting Tebow down.

My question is, why now?

If you had questions or concerns about Tebow, Quinn should have got in the game against Kansas City for a significant amount of time.  See if he can get your offense going, because if you’re going to throw in Brady Quinn in the wildcard playoff appearance against the Steelers it’s probably a clear indicator that you’re throwing in the towel.

Should Quinn get a second chance? I think down the line yes, if he decides to return in 2012 and Tebow isn’t performing well he should get a chance then.  But now is a little TOO late, let Tebow handle the rest of the season.


2 thoughts on “Brady Quinn Reportedly Taking 1st Team Snaps for Broncos

  1. This should be interesting but if I was John Fox I would make sure he worked with the broncos 1st team. Because I believe that if Tebow can’t get anything going Brady Quinn is going to get a shot to play.


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