3 for 3: QBs

Starting a new piece on here entitled 3 for 3, the basic set up is that I’ll discuss three things that should be removed/sent packing and suggest 3 things of the same category that are to be brought in?

Makes sense? No? It will.

For the 1st edition of 3 for 3, I would like to talk about NFL QBs and the inevitable carousel that will come around this offseason.  There are multiple teams that will be getting rid of their current starter for either a rookie in the draft, or some high-priced free agent.  Some of these are obvious, others not so much, after all it takes time to figure out whether or not the guy you have under center can grasp the concept of being an NFL QB, or even leading a team.  Some guys react differently to different situations, and you won’t know how cut out a guy is until he’s been thrown in a plethora of situations.  The guys I’m about to list below should be ousted for various reasons, either due to play or not being a fit for their respective team.  So without further ado.


#1. Rex Grossman

Redskins QB


I think this is self-explanatory, Rex has got to go, no ifs ands or buts about it.  He’s now had his second chance at being a starter and it has failed miserably, he can’t seem to cut down on his turnovers or arid throws.  He’s just not cut out to be a starter. Period.  Now, as a backup? I’m sure not only could he provide some great tips to a younger QB, he could also fill in quite nicely in spot duty should a starter go down for a week or two.  He’s good enough to get you through those and I’d pick him over a lot of backup QBs in the NFL, but I would not choose him as a starter.  Rex’s days in Washington are over, he’ll be a last minute FA signing for a team that needs a veteran backup.  As for the Redskins, the best thing for them is to NOT do what they’ve been doing and just draft a good, young QB (Robert Griffin or TRY to trade up and get Luck).

#2. Colt McCoy

Longhorns, Browns

Colt McCoy is never going to be a Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers type of QB that can win games all by himself.  He needs playmakers outwide, and he needs a steady running game if he’s going to take a team anywhere.  I truly believe that McCoy could be a solid, dependable QB, but now is not the time and the Browns are not the team.  Let’s face it, Cleveland needs a playmaker behind center, they need a big time QB that can come in, move around and put the team on their back.  Either that or grab a big name player out of the draft, a Trent Richardson, or Justin Blackmon and go grab one of these FA QBs with a little more mobility and playmaking skill.  McCoy needs to take a step back and maybe sit on someone else’s bench for a while, somewhere where he has a chance to start should the man in front of him have trouble getting things together…..say a New York or Arizona.  Go into hiding and rebrand your name.

#3. Kevin Kolb

This isn’t even a knock on his QB play, because we’ve hardly seen him play yet due to all the concussions and injuries, Kolb may need to find a new home because the Cardinals may decide to just go with John Skelton and why not?  Kolb was paid tens of millions to be the starting QB for the Cardinals and got a 2-6 result in games where he threw more than 20 passes.  Sure injuries hampered him, but that doesn’t mean that Arizona won’t consider getting rid of him and eating the cap for a cheaper QB that can have a year to prove himself.

On Edge: Mark Sanchez, Christian Ponder, Tim Tebow


#1. John Skelton

Cardinals QB

55% completion, 1913 yards, 11 TD, 14 INT (6-2)

Skelton posted a 6-2 record this season as the Cardinals QB, but was up and down statistically (turned the ball over 14 times on INTs).  The Cardinals may have a lot of money invested in Kevin Kolb, but he wasn’t much better for the most part.  It would be no surprise to me if Coach Whiz decided he was going to start Skelton over Kolb next season, as Skelton gave this team several chances to win late and pulled off a couple of those wins.  Even after their 1-6 start, he somehow gave the Cardinals a slim shot at making the postseason with 3 weeks left to go.  Skelton should be given a shot based off that fact alone, his numbers can get better, but as long as the team trusts him, why not give him a look?

#2. Matt Moore

61%, 2497 yards, 16 TDs, 9 INTs (6-7)

I’ve made the case for Matt Moore for the better half of the season.  Ever since his game against Denver he’s been as consistent as can be for a QB, especially with the weapons he had in Miami.  It’s too bad the Dolphins won’t even consider Matt Moore in their search for their new franchise QB (and you can’t blame them, not a flashy name), but it’s still a shame that he won’t get a fair shake anywhere else.  Moore was the Panthers’ heir-apparent to Jake Delhomme after it was clear he was not going to turn it back around.  Things went wrong, they brought in Jimmy Clausen, that failed as well and now they of course have Cam Newton.  In the Dolphins case, they had Chad Henne, he got hurt, and after an 0-7 start, Matt Moore turned the Dolphins into a 6-10 team.  And during that 6-3 stretch, Moore had thrown for 3 times as many TDs (15) than he did INTs (5) with two of those picks coming in the final game against the Jets that they won.  I know Matt won’t start next season, but when he comes off the bench for an injured QB and guides the team to another win, take notice.

#3. David Garrard

No stats in 2011

The way Del Rio did Garrard at the start of the 2011 season was nothing short of dirty.  Not because he cut him right before the season started, but because the team failed to inform him of his herniated disk that would require surgery.  They informed him that his back was just fine and that he could sign with any team if he wanted to.  When the Raiders came calling and Garrard didn’t sign, many wondered why, it wasn’t just because he wanted to ultimately sit out and get ready for 2012, it’s because he found out through the Raiders’ doctors and trainers that he had a herniated disk that would require surgery and a 5-week recovery.  Had Jacksonville informed him, he could have had the procedure and been back on the football field by mid-season for some injury prone team.  Karma is real though, you don’t have to ask me, just look at how important Garrard was to Jacksonville.  Team completion percentage dropped from 64.5% to just over 50%, TDs decreased dramatically from 28 TDs, to 12.  Garrard’s production could have carried them to a playoff appearance, but instead Del Rio rushed him out the door and brought in the rookie who clearly wasn’t ready, which lead to Del Rio’s demise.  Garrard deserves a shot in 2012 somewhere else, on a team that has a heavy ground game and at least one dependable WR, something he NEVER had in Jacksonville….at least not a legit #1 threat.

On Edge: Jason Campbell, Dan Orlovsky, Joe Webb



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