At one point in time, men would genuinely and persistently pursue women until their persistency persuaded those women of interest to give them a chance. But now, with this current phenomenon of “Thirst”, it has viciously destroyed, contaminated, and nearly given death to the idea of courting and being flattering amongst the younger generation. I know you’re asking yourself, what is “thirst, when are you guilty of being “thirsty”, who are the thirst quenchers, and how does this “thirst” get quenched? Does “thirst” have benefits, paid time off, 401k, dental and health insurance? Great questions. Collectively, the urban culture knows what the word is and how to use it correctly in a sentence but ironically, there is no consensus of a true definition. Despite the fact that there is no definition in ink, people have unanimously decided, that they don’t want to be accused of it or referred to as “thirsty.” For example, “Thirst” could simply be openly expressing your interest in someone else through text messages, emails, but most importantly, social networks. That example typically refers to the men but apparently women can be “thirsty” as well. Aren’t they just called groupies then? Great question, but no. True enough, groupies have plenty of “thirst” characteristics but since they routinely indulge in such behavior willingly, frequently, and knowingly they are not considered “thirsters.” Thirsters randomly and even times seldom participate in “thirstiness.” “Thirstiness” can occur without the slightest notion that it’s actually occurring, which brings us back to why there is no definite definition. We know that it exist but most importantly we know that people don’t want to become suspects of “Thirst 48.”


“Thirst” is world wide, but examples and definitions can be regional. Feel free to post your definition and also provide examples.


One thought on ““THIRST” 48


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