Matt Flynn: Paid in Full

Prepare to see this guy in green and teal, red and yellow, blue and gold, whatever, just prepare to see him in a different uniform after this offseason.  Matt Flynn is about to be PAID, Kevin Kolb style.  Flynn, who was already looked at as a high quality free agent, just shot his stock up by millions, literally.

Flynn started for Rodgers in the final game of the regular season against Detroit, and turned in a performance that would just make us blink again if it were the typical Green Bay starter.  31 of 44 for 480 yards, 6 (yes 6) touchdowns, and only one interception, probably counting another dollar as he completed each pass.  Flynn was red hot and made the right reads all day long, and showcased why someone should hand him some cash in March, he looked like a veteran QB every step of the way.

The Packers are without a doubt happy for Flynn, but HAVE to be kicking themselves for not trading him when they had a chance to grab some compensation for him.  Either way, Flynn is cashing in, and somewhere Garrard and Jason Campbell are both adjusting their budgets knowing they’re not the top free agency options in 2012.



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