Top 50 Songs of 2011 (50-41) w/ Shotglass Jones

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2011 is on its way out the door so it’s time to do the typical “Top Something of Whatever for Insert Year Here”, and instead of being unique and creative, I decided “what the hell, I’ll do a Top 50 songs list”.  So here it is, me and my old childhood friend, Mark, or as he likes to call himself, “Shotglass Jones” (don’t ask) are giving you the Top 50 of 2011, starting with 50-41.

50. Common – Ghetto Dreams featuring Nas

If you didn’t know, Common released a new album in 2011, I was only aware it was coming out through Madden, sue me (it’s a good album, check it out). The album’s lead-off single starts our list.

49. Dumbfoundead – Tic Tic featuring Intuition

DFD, LA’s favorite Asian Rapper’s Tic Tic is next on the list. I don’t know the name of the album, I don’t really care, I just love this track.  Intuition is going to show up on here a few more times, just letting you know.

48. Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix featuring Nicki Minaj

Big Sean (who’s ironically 4’6) teams up with Nicki for the remix which quickly shoved the original all the way out of here, surprisingly, this is not going to be Sean’s only track on this list.

47. Jamiroquai – Lifeline

Rock Dust Light Star was released in 2010, but “Lifeline” wasn’t released as a single until January 2011, so it barely made the deadline and barely cracks the list.  I love this song by the way.

46. Frank Ocean – Swim Good

Odd Future member Frank Ocean dropped several streams of songs in 2011, but by far the best was Swim Good (and the remix with the aforementioned Intuition).  It lands at #46.

45. Cee-Lo – Forget You

Cee-Lo’s biggest hit since he worked with DangerMouse on “Crazy”, but to me it’s not even the best song on his album. Worthy of the Top 50 though.

44. Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts featuring Adam Levine

I thought they were split up for good, but much to my surprise, they came back and delivered another hit.  Stereo Hearts makes the list.

43. Miguel – Sure Thing

Miguel showed up out of nowhere in 2011, but flamed out (no pun intended) fast, after Sure Thing none of the other songs on the album gained steam.

42. Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

Never heard this song before? What is wrong with you my friend?

41. Lloyd – Dedication to my Ex featuring Andre 3000

Clean version is better


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