#GTFOH Person of the Week: Skip Bayless

I didn’t have too many options for this week, so I’ll have to go with my weekly emergency back-up plan, of getting Skip Bayless up outta here. I could use Skip every week, but that’s too easy. He will be featured on this post many more times though. This will more or less serve as my NBA preview.


But as for this week, Mr. Bayless needs to #GTFOH because he predicted that the San Antonio Spurs would win the Western Conference. The old a$$ San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan is 35 years old. Quietly, Ginobili is 34. Even Tony Parker will be 30 by the end of the season. The core of this team is way too old, and the Grizzlies made them like ridiculously old and slow in the playoffs last year. How does Skip figure they will be better off this year??? They are a year old (and slower) and have no key additions to the team. I don’t think Skip believes 75 percent of the asinine statements he makes, but that’s another story entirely.


In my opinion, the favorites to win the West, are easily the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant is the best scorer in the league, and has been for the last 3 years. But this team will only go as far as Russell Westbrook will let them. If he decides to chill, and not play out of control in key situations, the Thunder can make it into the Finals.

The Lakers probably won’t be any higher than a 3-seed come playoff time. Lamar Odom cried his way out of L.A. and they gave him up for almost nothing. They took a step back, and the CLIPPERS may have passed them by picking up Chris Paul (it pains me to say it). The Clippers could be the 2-seed by the end of the year, if they can forget that they’re the Clippers and ignore that history of slawness. Last week, I would’ve said the Mavs would be up there, but they have look like trash these first two games and I almost forgot to mention them.

In the East, I have to admit that the Heat are the frontrunners. Dwight Howard doesn’t seem motivated enough to get Orlando past Miami, the Celtics are too damn old, and the Bulls just don’t have enough. They are way too dependent on Derrick Rose to carry them.


It’s looking like we will see the Thunder and the Heat in the Finals and I’ll take the Thunder to win it. LeBron folds up in the postseason, and I don’t trust him. 8 points #neverforget

As for the Spurs, they might not even make the playoffs. But they’re going to the Finals?!?!?


#GTFOH Skip Bayless



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