This Has GOT to Stop: Riots, Injuries over Jordan Concords


Apparently no one was killed over a pair of Jordan Concords.  This fabricated story was pretty thought out and overdone, a facebook page was created and everything.  To me that’s as ridiculous as the following, so please take note that this was written before it was realized nobody was killed.  With that said, my basic stance on this remains.

So the Jordan Concords were released early this morning, and as people waited in line for the much anticipated shoe, riots broke out across several stores in several states.  There are reports that 100 people in Taylor, Michigan tried to sneak into one of the malls by yanking open and damaging the doors in JC Penny and Best Buy.  This created some minor interior damage, but after one arrest, the crowd dispersed, realizing all that really isn’t worth it.

However, in Washington DC, an 18-year old by the name of Tyreek Jacobs was stabbed over a pair, he died shortly after.

Look, personally, I would never spend over a certain amount on shoes, I just won’t.  Not unless they’re the dress or business type, and even then, I won’t spend that much.  To me, it doesn’t make sense to be obsessive over something I’m walking on, never has and never will.  The fact that people are camping out for these in the first place is insane to me, everyone wants to be the “first” to get something so they can have some kind of status.  Well what happens a few years , hell, maybe MONTHS from now when they become irrelevant? Remember all the fuss over the Cool Greys? I’ve never understood the point of paying $200 for some shoes when you can get something that looks as good (never been a fan of Jordans) and more comfortable for significantly less?


It’s why people are rushing out at 12am to camp for them, and it’s why people are stabbing each other over a pair of shoes.  Seriously.

I’ll forgive the people who did the breaking and entering, although it’s stupid, and over the top, it’s  a minor offense overall.  Worse come to worst, they charge a few of them the price to pay for the damage, which as some of the reports say (ABC News, CNN, etc), was minimal.

But I can’t and never will understand for the life of me why a pair of shoes deserves bloodshed?  I’m not going to be one of those moral guardians that calls for MJ to stop putting them out, but I am going to ask black folks this man:

Why do we hold these shoes higher than our well-being? Seriously? I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we’d rather stand in line for a $200 pair of shoes that will be irrelevant in a year instead of vote in an election, or go to class? We’d rather buy some over-expensive shoes rather than invest in our individual futures, really doesn’t make sense to me.


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