NFL Picks: Week 15 Results, Week 16 Picks

Results: Week 14, 15

Ryan: 10-6; 8-8 = 18-14

Chris: 12-4; 10-6 = 22-10

Daniel: 13-3; 10-6 = 23-9

Bobby (Guest Pick – WK15); 9-7



Chris: 132-59 (Missed Weeks 2,5)

Daniel: 149-73

Ryan: 145-77


Week 16 Preview and Picks

Yeah....we didn't see this one coming

(ALL Picked HOU)

Week 16 will take place a bit early in lieu of the Christmas holiday, as all but three of the games will be played on Christmas Eve.  The three exceptions include Thursday night’s game (HOU @ IND), the Sunday Night game between the Bears and Packers, and the Monday Night Rivalry between New Orleans and Atlanta.  Let’s take a look at the action on Saturday, as almost all of the games include a team with playoff implications.

Oakland Raiders (7-7) @ Kansas City Chiefs (6-8)

"13 and what? Yeah, that's what I thought Jive Turkey"

Last week Romeo Crennel, new interim Head Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, coached the team to one of the biggest upsets of the season by knocking off the seemingly unbeatable Packers.  Not only did Crennel give his worth as a Head Coach a huge increase, he has actually given the Chiefs playoff chances a small shot in the arm as they are still mathematically alive.  The Chiefs are now 6-8 and with a little help from Buffalo, could set themselves up to win the division in Week 17.  The first obstacle in their way is the Oakland Raiders, a team that has faltered thanks to injuries to their starting QB and RB, and while McFadden hasn’t gone on the injured reserve just yet, he may be out the rest of the regular season.  If this is the case, the Raiders could be one of the more dangerous teams in the playoffs, if they manage to limp in.  The Raiders need this game too, at 7-7 they can’t afford to lose this game or else it’s right back to the drawing board for Hue Jackson.

Picks: ALL – Chiefs

Jacksonville (4-10) @ Tennessee (7-7)

The Titans were sitting on their best shot to make the playoffs since 2008 but blew it by losing to the (now unstoppable) Indianapolis Colts.  They still have a small chance at making it, should they finish off the season 2-0 and have a LOT go their way, outside of that the Titans will be playing for pride…something the Jaguars have been trying to do all season.  Mel Tucker is 1-2 as the Jaguars Head Coach, and it’s either been blow out or blown out as they’ve been destroyed by the Chargers and Falcons and also destroyed the Buccaneers.  No one really knows what Tucker is going to try, or if the rest of this team is even paying attention right now, but one thing is for sure, if the Titans have an ounce of pride left, this will get ugly early.

Picks: ALL TEN

Miami (5-9) @ New England (11-3)

With Houston’s loss the Patriots are now playing for the 1st round bye (and potentially the #1 AFC seed) right under our noses.  The only thing standing in their way is the only QB in the NFL made completely of what swag would be (if there was a physical manifestation ) in Matthew Moore.  Even though Sparano was fired, the Dolphins went up to Buffalo last week and beatdown the reeling Bills in the snow, we’ll see what they’re made of and if they have enough in them to hand New England a shocking loss and give the Texans yet another chance to get a first round bye.

Picks: ALL NE

Arizona (7-7) @ Cincinnati (7-7)

Would you believe the Arizona Cardinals are still in this playoff race? I know right, and it’s without their big money QB Kevin Kolb who’s been in and out all season due to concussions.  Kolb will sit another week in favor of John Skelton once again as the Cardinals hit the road to take on the Bengals, who are still alive in the AFC playoff race, despite a few slip ups along the way.  The Young Bengals aren’t as far out of the picture as the Titans, as all they need is to win out and for the Jets to lose just one game.

Picks: ALL CIN

Buffalo (5-9) @ Denver (8-6)

If there was ever a time to get yourself a rebound after a big loss, this is the week.  Buffalo is still reeling after being blindsided midseason by reality, Fitzpatrick just hasn’t played like he did early on after he got paid and all the pressure got put directly on his shoulders.  If the Broncos can pull this win off, they will be one step closer to achieving the impossible and winning their division after such a rough start.

Picks: ALL DEN

St. Louis Rams (2-12) @ Pittsburgh (10-4)

Even with Roethlisberger out of the picture for the week (replaced by Charlie Batch), the Steelers should easily handle the Rams and be ready for Week 17’s game against the Browns.  Steelers need to win out and hope that the Ravens drop one game so that they can not only win the division, but also grab a one-week bye.  The Rams are starting Kellen Clemens at QB for a second straight week.

Picks: ALL PIT

New York Giants (7-7) @ New York Jets (8-6)

This isn’t necessarily a must win for both teams, but it’s still important nonetheless.  The Giants can still win the NFC East with a loss, as long as the Eagles beat the Cowboys this week and the Giants follow suit Week 17.  The Jets can afford a loss as long as they rebound Week 17, as the only team that can possibly break a tie with them for the 6th seed would be Cincinnati, and that’s assuming they get through the Ravens their final game.  Regardless, neither team wants to lose as it puts their playoff chances in other people’s hands, Eli will be missing two big weapons on offense in Ahmad Bradshaw and Mario Manningham.  On defense the Giants will be missing Osi on their front 7, and that will surely hurt their chances of getting pressure on Sanchez and forcing a few turnovers.

Picks: Jets – Ryan, Chris; Giants – Daniel

San Francisco (11-3) @ Seattle (7-7)

The Seahawks still have a small hope in making the playoffs if Detroit loses out and they win out.  They have a tough task ahead of them, as the 49ers are still fighting for a 1st-round bye and home game, the 49ers lost unexpectedly to Arizona a few weeks ago, so it’s not out of the picture.  Add in the fact that the stadium formerly known as Qwest Field is one of the toughest places to play (remember, they made Baltimore look silly there) and the fact that Marshawn Lynch is playing at a pro-bowl level, and you have the grounds for an upset.

Picks: ALL SF

Philadelphia Eagles (6-8) @ Dallas Cowboys (8-6)

The Cowboys can win the NFC East with a win over the once hapless Eagles and a Giants lost.  It seemed like this was inevitable before the Eagles suddenly flipped things around and started making one last push at the playoffs.  If the Eagles win out, while the Giants lose this week but beat the Cowboys, they’re in as the NFC East champs. Crazy right?  Last time these two teams faced off, LeSean McCoy went for 185 and 2 scores, and he’s given the Cowboys fits in his short career.  On the other side, the Cowboys are empty handed in the backfield and have been wrecked by a few injuries, if they want to win this game, it will be in the hands of Tony Romo…who should be harassed by Jason Babin who’s caught lightning in a bottle recently.

Picks: PHI (Ryan); DAL (Chris, Daniel)

Atlanta Falcons (9-5) @ New Orleans Saints (11-3)

Monday Night Football’s finale will pit two big NFC South rivals against each other.  The Falcons lost to the Saints in the GA Dome back in Week 10 after a controversial 4th down decision by Mike Smith backed at his own 30.  Atlanta leads the all-time series 46-39, but since 2006 the Saints have dominated the series with a 9-2 record,  with the road team winning the last four matchups.  The Falcons need this win to clinch a playoff spot and line themselves up to possibly win the NFC South should the Saints stumble against Carolina Week 17. The Saints on the other hand, are still fighting for the 2-seed and having part of the NFC playoff race run through them.  A win coupled with the 49ers losing would set themselves up in prime position.

Picks: NO (Chris, Daniel); ATL (Ryan – I can’t pick against my Falcons)

Remaining Picks:

MIN (Chris) @ WAS (Daniel, Ryan)



SD (Chris, Daniel) @ DET (Ryan)

CHI @ GB (ALL) – Sunday Night Football



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