Colts Upset Texans, Win 2nd Straight

It happened again. The Colts beat the Texans when Houston really needed a huge win, but this time something was different: instead of the Colts trying to clinch a division and the Texans trying to make the playoffs, the Texans are trying to wrap up some sort of home field advantage while the Colts are cruising to the #1 pick.

Somehow, some way, the Texans blew it.

TJ Yates was 13/16 for 132 yards, while Arian Foster ran for over 150 yards, the Texans offense failed to convert in the redzone and settled on field goals instead of touchdowns.  The Texans marched down the field, seemingly eating all the time off the clock before kicking what seemed to be a game-clinching field goal to go up 16-12 with 1:39 left.

But suddenly the unthinkable happened, Dan Orlovsky, a QB who had never won a game before last week, marched the Colts down the field as if he were #18.  One could question the flags that came in throughout the drive (and a lot of them were questionable), but at the end of the day, Orlovsky hooked up with Reggie Wayne in the corner of the endzone for the go-ahead score.

Orlovsky finished 23/41 244 yards, and one TD, and while the Colts no longer hold the #1 pick in the 2012 draft, no one in Lucas Oil Stadium tonight cares.  For one, the players on the Colts team know that their job is at stake, and they want to prove to all the teams in the league, not just Indianapolis, that they can play.

They’ve won two in a row, and have a potential for a 3rd one against Jacksonville.  One can’t help but feel happy for the Colts coming up and for once being the underdog to slay the dragon that is the Houston Texans, who fall to 10-5 and may miss out on Home Field Advantage.

Dan Orlovsky was interviewed after the game, beaming with pride, before announcing that he and his wife are expecting triplets anytime soon.  Congratulations.



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